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Land for sale with conservation areas

Since the announcement of the government’s new planning initiative, many excited buyers are seizing the opportunity to buy up small parcels of land with the potential to develop in the future.

The new measures hope to give thousands of home buyers the chance to design and build their dream home, without the usual red tape. Housing Secretary Robert Jenrick MP said: ‘Building the homes the country needs is central to the mission of this Government and is an important part of our plans to recover from the impact of the coronavirus”.

However, like many others, some of our clients recognise the importance of maintaining the natural environment and have taken this opportunity to ensure that areas do not lose space which may provide significant ecological importance.

One of our long-standing clients has made sure that any large swathes of land they are marketing with us have a large area designated for conservation. They have pledged to hold back up to 10% of the land they’re selling to encourage ecological diversity. One of the company’s key objectives is to protect delicate ecosystems and so large sites, including a potential development land site in Sevenoaks, are now being partially conserved to minimise the environmental impact.

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